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why diving hurghada makadi bay


Douglas Faulkner/Sally Faulkner CollectionStonefish are venomous marine fish classified in the genus Synanceja and the household Synancejidae, present in shallow waters of the tropical Indo-Pacific. They are sluggish, backside-dwelling fish that live among rocks or coral and in mud flats and estuaries. Difficult to see, they will, when stepped on, inject portions of venom through grooves in their dorsal-fin spines.

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<h2>What is the most dangerous animal in Egypt?</h2>


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<p>One of the scariest and most deadly creatures to live in the Nile River is the Nile crocodile.</p>




Long, cylindrical, scaleless, and often gray-brown , the electrical eel can grow to 2.seventy five meters and weigh 22 kg (forty eight.5 kilos). The tail area constitutes about four-fifths of the electric eel’s whole size, which is bordered alongside the underside by an undulating anal fin that's used to propel the fish. Despite its name, it is not a true eel but is said to the characin fish, which embrace piranhas and neon tetras.

The electric eel is one of the principal aquatic predators of the whitewater flooded forest often known as varzea. In one fish survey of a typical varzea, electrical eels made up more than 70 p.c of the fish biomass. The electric eel is a sluggish creature that prefers slow-transferring recent water, where it surfaces every couple of minutes to gulp air. The mouth of the electric eel is rich with blood vessels that enable it to make use of the mouth as a lung.

Wounds produced by these fish are intensely painful and typically fatal. The family Synancejidae includes a few different species of sturdy, warty fish. They are also venomous, though not as infamous because the stonefish. Most species of piranha never grow larger than 60 cm lengthy. Colors differ from silvery with orange undersides to nearly utterly black.


Only when positioned in a battle or flight scenario do they pose an issue. The risks of the underwater world are largely in peoples' minds.

These frequent fishes have deep our bodies, saw-edged bellies, and large, usually blunt heads with sturdy jaws bearing sharp, triangular teeth that meet in a scissorlike bite. &copy; katatonia/FotoliaLionfishes make up any of a number of species of showy Indo-Pacific fishes of the scorpion fish household, Scorpaenidae . They are famous for their venomous fin spines, which are able to producing painful, although hardly ever deadly, puncture wounds.

The fishes have enlarged pectoral fins and elongated dorsal fin spines, and each species bears a specific sample of bold, zebralike stripes. When disturbed, the fish spread and display their fins and, if additional pressed, will present and attack with the dorsal spines. One of the most effective-known species is the purple lionfish , a powerful fish typically stored by fish fanciers. It is striped with pink, brown, and white and grows to about 30 cm lengthy.

It can be a disgrace to miss a number of the sights and sensations of the underwater world because of ambiguous fears. Still, a prudent diver wants knowledge of creatures to avoid probably dangerous situations. electric eelToni Angermayer/Photo ResearchersThe electrical eel is an elongated South American fish that produces a robust electrical shock to stun its prey, often other fish.