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Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!
31.12.2011 um 09:25 Uhr - mango
Wir wünschen Euch und Euren Familien einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und einen erfolgreichen und gesunden Start ins Jahr 2012!

Firefox 9.0
20.12.2011 um 13:51 Uhr - kolop
In den nächsten Tagen kommt die neue Firefoxversion 9.0 raus. Die Version steht bald auf der Mozilla-Seite zum download bereit. Details unten im Link.
Link: Quelle: WinFuture - Quelle: heise

MTA 70 abgeschlossen
Massiv Team Attack LAN
14.12.2011 um 11:00 Uhr - kolop
Am letzten Wochenende war die lang herbeigesehnte MTA-Lan, mittlerweile die 14. in Nieheim für unseren Clan. Trotzdem war es etwas besonderes, da wir zum ersten Mal auf eine der CS:S MTA-Lan's gefahren sind. Das CS:S Tunier konnten wir mit einem grandiosen 5. Platz abschließen, was zu der guten Stimmung in unserer Haushälfte begetragen hat. Mit uns das Haus geteilt hat, wie die letzten Jahre immer, der Clan PDS, mit dem wir uns mal wieder sehr gut verstanden und so einige Biere getrunken haben.
Die LAN hat allen von uns gut gefallen und wir freuen uns auf die MTA im Frühjahr 2012.
Link: MTA

Counter-strike Gobal Offensive
05.12.2011 um 16:33 Uhr - kolop
Der Beta-Termin wurde bekannt gegeben, alles neue findet ihr unter dem Link.

Hier noch ein Gameplay-Video
Link: Quelle: WinFuture

Minimum Player - Warm up mode
Battlefield 3
05.12.2011 um 15:20 Uhr - Fredneuberger
zh1nt0 hat Heute in den Battlelog News noch mal das für Morgen anstehende Update angekündigt. Neu ist, das es jetzt einen Warm-Up Modus geben soll und man schon spielen kann, ohne das die erforderlichen 4 Spieler auf dem Server sind. Sobald die erforderlichen 4 Spieler dann connected sind, geht es auch mit dem Scoring los.

Hier der Auszug aus den News:

Min player requirements

Also, it will once again be possible to reduce the number of players required to start a round to 1 both in ranked and unranked mode. We changed it back after getting a lot of negative feedback from both individuals and the RSP companies.

Our plan for the future is to introduce a warm-up mode, where players can move about and play the game, but with scoring disabled; then, when the number of players goes above the threshold -- that's when the real round starts.
Link: Quelle: Battlelog News

BF3 Client + Server Update nächste Woche
Battlefield 3
03.12.2011 um 06:06 Uhr - Fredneuberger
Gestern Nachmittag gab es einen Post im Battlelog Forum, das am Dienstag den 06.12.2011 ein Client und Server Update erscheinen wird.
Hier mal die wichtigsten Infos:

- Fixed a problem where camera would change to 3rd person on killcam when killcam was turned off in server settings
- Fixed for surveillance ribbon not counting TUGS
- Fixed a problem where TV guided missiles could be shot into its own helicopter and destroy it
- Fixed a problem when attempting to fire lock on weapons without a target
- Tweaked the chat, it should now be a bit easier to read
- Added alternate HUD colors to help colorblinds
- Added a network interpolation setting. This allows users with good bandwidth reduce latency, but might increase some stuttering. The user can find what works best for his connection by tweaking the slider.
- Increased the Spawn protection radius on TDM
- Fixed a problem where users could end up with IRNV scope in any vehicle
- Fixed several crashes and increased general stability
- Fixed a problem where the user was unable to revive two players that have the bodies one over the other
- Fixed so you can assign an axis and use as a digital input. This makes it possible for the player (on pc) to assign one of the sticks on a gameped to be used for throttle/brake.
- Fixed air radar was showing to much. now lasertagged, heatsignature above threshold, enemy missiles and capture points are only visible on air radar
- Fixed a problem where you could get green flashes on screen
- You can now reassign cycle weapons
- Fixed so the weapon zooms automatically after bipod deploy is gone when using zoom toggle

Balance Tweaks:
- Tweaked the IRNV scope so it is limited to usage only at close range.
- Reduced heat masking effectiveness of Spec Ops Camo.
- Fixed so AT mines only live for 20 seconds after a player dies to prevent infinite mines. (We want to make a different fix in the future, it’s in JIRA).
- Increased the Time to Live on sniper caliber rounds to allow extreme distance shots.
- Fixed Laser Guided Missiles missing their targets if the target is moving too fast.
- Reduced the effectiveness of Stealth on Air Vehicles.
- Reduced the effectiveness of Beam Scanning for Jets.
- Reduced the damage done to Armored Vehicles and Infantry from AA guns.
- Increased the damage RPGs and Tank shells do to AA vehicles.
- Slightly decreased the accuracy for all weapons on fully automatic, burst fire is now preferable at mid to long range.
- Increased the effective accuracy of long bursts for LMGs when using a bipod.
- Increased the reload time of the Mortar from 3.5sec to 4.8sec and increased the time it takes before a shell hits the ground.
- Slightly Increased the power of Fighter Jet Cannons against all vehicle targets, especially Helicopters.
- Decreased the power of Miniguns against Jets and Helicopters.
- Increased the power of Stingers against Jets.
- Flares reload times for Jets and Helicopter Gunners have been increased.
- Tweaked the AN94 so its burst fire better conveys the real world advantage offered by this weapon.
- Added Single Shot to the AN94 as an available fire mode.
- Slightly increased the recoil on the M416 and removed the Burst Fire mode (this weapon incorrectly had burst fire, which was not authentic).

Die komplette Liste der geposteten Änderungen findet ihr in dem Link unten.
Link: Quelle: Battlelog Forum

Back to Karkand - Gamestar DLC Video
Battlefield 3
02.12.2011 um 04:46 Uhr - Fredneuberger
Gamestar hat vor ein paar Tagen ein tolles Video für das im Dezember rauskommende DLC Back to Karkand online gestellt. Lohnt sich echt.
Link: Quelle: Gamestar

Infos zu den nächsten Patches
Battlefield 3
26.11.2011 um 00:43 Uhr - Fredneuberger hat einen interessanten Artikel mit Infos zu den kommenden Patches gepostet. Dabei arbeiten sie einen Post des BF3 Community Managers crash7800 auf. Hier die interessantesten Infos:

So, here's what I'm seeing.

We've made progress that most of you appreciate and the fixes we are making are welcome. That being said, there are still some issues that you've been asking about that weren't included in this patch. These include, but are not limited to:

- In-game VOIP
- Various nerfs including Taclight
- changes to chat window (size, positioning)
- Additional changes to squad interface, including the ability to make squads
- Beep beeps (Which will be implemented, just not in this patch)

- Squad and in-game interface changes (mostly revolving around the proposed fan-designed interface)

- EDIT: TV Missles - definitely known (can't believe i left it off @_@)

- EDIT: Spectator/Battlerecorder - Another very popular request. (I can't believe I left it off! I'd like this too _)

Please know that these are definitely on our radar as top issues for community requests.

Some of the issues addressed in this patch were brought to our attention by you guys, including the "negative acceleration" issue. We're committed to continuing to act on your feedback!

Not all of the issues we've solved are as impactful or sexy as some of you were hoping for, but I hope everyone appreciates how hard the DICE team has been working

Anbei auch noch ein Link zu dem Bild auf crash7800 sich mit dem "fan-designed interface" bezieht.
Link: Quelle: - Fan designed interface