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# Thema - 30.05.2022 um 10:57 Uhr
Many black trash bags have a pungent taste, poor endurance, sealing. This is actually because a lot of recycled materials are added to the process, and common black trash bags also use inferior materials. As raw materials for recycling and reprocessing, recycled materials do have certain environmental protection functions, but the greater significance for manufacturers is the low cost.16oz clear cups with dome lids Innovation and development of multi-color degradable trash bags, different colors represent different types of trash recycling, while providing customers with a variety of design layout, can be customized according to customer requirements, better performance of the company's corporate image.
It can be completely decomposed
Environmental protection, complete decomposition is the biggest feature of the product. In one to two years, degradable trash bags can be decomposed into water, carbon dioxide and soil organic matter by photooxidation and environmental microbial action, which will not produce harmful substances to the environment and is very beneficial to environmental protection.20oz paper cup with lid Hyde company actively comply with the trend of green development, accelerate the implementation of technical transformation, keep up with the market demand, advanced environmental protection technology research and development and product production capacity.46oz popcorn cup Actively establish green factories, green supply chain management and green design product demonstration, and promote the popularization and application of biodegradable trash bags.

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