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# Thema - 16.05.2022 um 05:07 Uhr
Ice cream is now one of the most traditional home desserts anyone can enjoy, and disposable ice cream cups have become the most convenient way to package ice cream. Ice cream has developed so many flavors and styles (hard or soft) that it has become a global treat.takeaway bowls No longer limited to simple vanilla and chocolate, ice cream lovers can now choose from a wide range of flavors. New Age Ice Cream even has some candy, jelly beans or strawberries embedded in the creamy dessert. Before modern refrigeration, ice cream desserts were only served to the wealthiest social classes. Ice is actually taken from frozen lakes and rivers and stored in large dug holes called igloos.The ice is brought into a large tub filled with salt and used to partially melt the ice, giving it a smooth, muddy texture.
vending machine coffee paper cup
single wall disposable coffee paper cups with lid and sleeve

In this way, cellulose, the main component of the disposable cup, comes from renewable sources. Plain paper cups are made from paper or care typical cold drink cups. Kraft paper is generally selected as the material for making ice cream cups.customized popcorn cups A double-layer mask is formed inside and outside the cup body to form double-sided waterproofing, ensuring the waterproofness and hardness of the cup body.
paper cup fan
kraft paper soup cup cup for hot soup
kraft paper gift bag Hyde Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of customized disposable paper products and biodegradable products. The company has advanced paper cup production lines, skilled workers and efficient mechanized production lines. In addition, the company also provides professional custom design services for disposable ice cream cups, and designs products that satisfy customers with professional technology. Contact us now to get free proofing service!
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