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# Thema - 10.05.2022 um 11:55 Uhr

At Hyde Package, we offer compostable food packaging made from sustainable sources. Companies are often reluctant to switch to compostable packaging because they think it costs too much. We've put together five reasons why you should switch to compostable food packaging.
1. Protect the environment
Be a responsible business owner and do what you can to help the environment.bagasse bowl suppliers All products we supply are made from natural and renewable materials such as sugar cane, corn starch, potato starch and recycled materials.

2. It's cheaper than you think
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Many of our customers were initially reluctant to use environmentally friendly food packaging because they thought it would be too costly.wholesale pla mugs At Hyde, we offer a wide range of cost-effective and competitively priced options. We will work with you to provide solutions that are right for your business.12oz paper coffee cups

3. Your customers will love that you help reduce their carbon footprint
Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative impact plastics and other materials have on our planet. The media is bombarding consumers with compelling evidence that plastic is clogging rivers and oceans.
4. Stay one step ahead
It's no secret that the government is working on plans to ensure we eliminate plastic from packaging.bagasse bowls supplier Take action now and your company will stay ahead of the competition. This will give you more time to ensure that the right, informed decisions are made for your business.
At Hyde, we work with customers on their entire range of packaging to ensure it is consistent and provides the right look and feel.wholesale cornstarch cutlery If you wish to provide branded packaging, we can also provide brand consulting services.
5.The quality
Our environmentally friendly packaging range includes world class products from leading manufacturers.muffin paper baking cups Our products are food safe, compostable and come from a traceable supply chain. If you are ready to convert.

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