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# Thema - 19.01.2022 um 10:01 Uhr
Takeaway food is simple, delicious and often not only unhealthy for you, but also bad for the environment. biodegradable disposable cutlery You may think there is no way to get green takeout, but yes, you can get green takeout, you just need to research how to handle it and find restaurants that are willing to work with you.

Green takeaway container
Polystyrene foam. Polystyrene foam is a trade name for polystyrene or PS. biodegradable plates and cutlery It's a common coffee container for your morning drive through your local area until your evening takeaway dinner from your favorite restaurant. Styrofoam contains styrene, which can leach into your food and drink and is a possible carcinogen that may damage hormones. biodegradable lunch trays good On top of that, styrene is hard to recycle, and if you put it in your recycling bin, it will sit in your local landfill forever, immersing the poison into the ground and thus into your groundwater.

Another way is to look for eco-friendly restaurants. There are many restaurants that are changing their ways and serving takeaway food in 100 percent recycled containers and sending home cutlery made from corn-based plastic called polylactic acid. To find eco-friendly restaurants, look online at the Green Restaurant Association. More and more restaurants are environmentally friendly to varying degrees, so search for them.paper drinking straws wholesale You may need to do some work to find green takeout, but you can if you really want to. By doing so, you'll keep yourself healthy and leave a smaller carbon footprint behind you.
bagasse bowl wholesale

Investing in green takeout containers can increase customer satisfaction and reduce your environmental footprint. Always start by understanding how your customers throw away packaging after use. biodegradable tableware Then choose the best low-cost option with similar performance to what you are currently using. If you choose a recyclable takeout container, make sure the container is widely accepted in your area for recycling. biodegradable trash bags wholesale The Hyde team has a variety of sustainable options to meet the needs, budget and requirements of your facility.

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