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# Thema - 05.01.2022 um 08:42 Uhr
It was on the news this week that EA Sports announced that not only will Jackson return to the sport in the very first game following Madden NFL 15 in 1987, but Jackson will also get the distinction of becoming an official Madden cover athlete Mut 22 coins. After nearly 35 years since his NFL career started around 1987 Jackson will grace a special cover featuring a digital version of Madden NFL 22.

On Friday, players will once again be allowed to play the game online. EA Sports also teamed up with Nike to revisit the sportswear company's famous Bo Knows ad campaign by including a digitally rendered rendition of his signature shoe which is that of the Nike Air Bo Turf and incorporating it into the game.

Jackson will be the seven running backs to have been named a Madden cover athlete. This follows Eddie George (Madden 2201), Marshall Faulk (Madden 2203), Shaun Alexander (Madden 2207), Peyton Hillis (Madden 12), Adrian Peterson and Barry Sanders (both Madden 25).

Before the cover unveiling, the Undefeated's Aaron Dodson caught up with Jackson to talk about his Tecmo Bowl days, how Bo Knows came to life and his Madden return, and much more. These conversations have been edited for clarity and clarity. What is it like for you to finally become a cover player in the game, 35 years after your career first began?

This has been in the making in the background for years. It was time to get it right for my brand. In collaboration with the Madden team to work things out dot every i's, dot all the t'swhen we had that done, the rest was just going along with it. I figured that, somewhere in my past, I did something right to be considered one of the most famous players from three decades ago mut coins cheap. Madden still thinks enough of me to make a decision like this.
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