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# Thema - 01.12.2021 um 04:42 Uhr
Although most players have gained a firm foothold in the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 22, there are still some new players who are not familiar with FIFA series games are trying to explore ways to make the team better. If you are also one of the novices and want to get more victories in FUT mode, let me tell you a simple way, that is to quickly get a lot of FIFA 22 Coins. The role of Coins in the game is more important than you think.
As one of the two main currencies in this mode, FIFA 22 Coins can be used not only to buy card packs in the in-game mall, but also to directly buy players sold by other players in the transfer market. Because star players like Messi are what many players want, the price of this type of card is usually very expensive. You need help from FIFA 22 Coins from UTnice. It is absolutely safe to Buy FUT 22 Coins at UTnice, because the products they sell are obtained manually.
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