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# Thema - 24.11.2021 um 02:37 Uhr
Return to Solar Isle and enter the Cheiftain's home. There's a ladder going up, and another one going down. Take the rubble pile and climb down the ladder. Click rub sharp rubble, and you will recover the Enchantment Rock.

Pick up a pickaxe and gather magic dust from the chest in the west end of the corner. Keep climbing up the ladder, and then climb the second ladder. Fill the vial of Water of the Ancients. Then add the magic dust, and you'll have a vial of Magic Water.

Mix the herbs according to the order in the scroll. 3 Sunbleached Herbs 1 Sunset Herb, Ground Sayaniona's horn. You'll be able to retrieve an ounce of Enchanted Posion. Utilize it in conjunction with the Sunrisen Staff. You'll receive a Solarus Staff. It is the only weapon you can use to eliminate Ethernals. Return to the Cheiftan.

Have you created the weapon to defeat Ethernals? Yes I have! Great. Follow the map, and you'll return to me with the Ethernal's staff. Follow the map until you arrive at an unfrozen trapdoor. The trapdoor can be opened by using the Solarus Staff.

Helm of Netizot, or Dragon Med/Full Helm/Barrows Helm (Verac-Dharok-Guthan) Amulet of Glory/Amulet of Fury. Dragon Gloves/Family Crest Gauntlets(e)/Barrows Gloves. Dragon Boots/Barrows Boots/Bandos Boots. Dragon Platemail/Dharok Verac-Guthan Platemail/Dragon Chainbody Dragon Platelegs/Dharok-Verac-Guthan Legs.

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