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# Thema - 08.06.2021 um 04:49 Uhr

Human Side: The OSRS Gold mighty (and not so powerful ) hunters of the world have gathered in this spot, for it has been heard, a rare animal was seen in the region. The only problem you'll be able to see is that with all these hunters around, your probability of getting it won't be that good. After all, it's not like the dumb creatures would attempt to prevent you!

However, out of nowhere, traps begin to fall, bait goes missing, some individuals are being assaulted by. . Creatures? and there! You find the rare creature... but it's to brittle to select up, and you also need it alive or all is lost! Perhaps if enouph cubes were set before it, and a few of the specially designed traps put up further down the trail have been activated, you could have a chance!

Well, for your 1st idea that's mainly what I had in mind... I would find some pictures, but moreover, remember it needs to be entertaining, and something JaGeX would like to do. If it sounds a little silly, then it's on goal ^_^ (again, ideas welcome)

Idea number deux has to do with all animals. There would be two sides: predators and prey. Each side wants. Something from the other, and which side are you on? It is the time of years , you will need food to fatten up, (for the winter which never comes) and store away for later. However, it appears there are predators about this year, and not only have they eaten or injured the majority of the animals that have tried to collect food from the plentiful valley they occupy, but they seem to be to most of the tricks you've been using.

However, if every one of the animals banned together, some rushing to have the meals, becoming if they could, distracting the animals or even, other climbing from the undergrowth to get meals, if the bees do not find them! , and ducks to swim (watch for all those pesky crocodiles! ) ) , and other animals to cancel the preys a bit, such as unicorns to interfere with buy OSRS GP bears, birds to divert snakes, etc., then all the animals might have a better chance!
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