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# Thema - 18.09.2020 um 07:40 Uhr

Haskins may have a B potential which means he's a good prospect of mut coins madden 21 becoming an 80s ovr QB, however it isn't guaranteed. He can never even hit 80, he's got a chance but odds lean towards somewhere in the 80s. However, players may pick a small number of gamers every offseason to put through drills and based on their performance in the drills, the players got extra progression. This allows for variability in every franchise mode, but nevertheless allows for consumers to have an impact on their own player development.

The most important complaint is that some of the aspects of myleague are wonky. Like one instance every single player wants a maximum deal in FA and is 80 + general. But even then they introduced sliders to adapt at least some of that stuff what I'm bitching about. It is my only complaint.

With that being said, it's still a thousand years ahead of Madden. Yeah even with all the sliders optimized for the contracts that are most realistic possible it goes off the rails after like 3-5 decades. What I do is every other year I just reduce their contract to the minimum and go through every group...which is an pain in the bum but it. Game has been Negative on Steam release, and now it's blended. Pretty sure it's deserved rating considering what reviews say about this sport and how it can be"casino with just a little bit of basketball inside", which I do not doubt is accurate. However, despite this, game has pretty great"franchise" mode.

Basketball excepted, Madden and FIFA make the most money and have the franchise styles. NHL's franchise mode has a fine Create-A-Team feature but they're stuck using the same stock logos ( many identical to Madden! ), you can't make the ice or jerseys appear accurate to the NHL so everything just comes across in comparison. Even simple stuff such as league history and records, an actual TV demonstration bundle, immersion... EA show no interest in that side of things.

A Couple of cheap Madden nfl 21 coins questions from a returning player
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