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# Thema - 11.05.2020 um 03:35 Uhr
Bonesaw Bamf achieved the first firecape at OSRS in 61 ranged by purchasing brews stated he was 75 herblore, although I dont remember if it was the Mac H guy. He had achieved 81 herblore and marketed brews to Bonesaw so his highscores had not updated yet without logging out. The initial firecape was achieved by bonesaw with one prayer point and zero supplies, he'd been prayer flicking Jad. The cape was achieved OSRS gold within the summertime, therefore had Bonesaw died he wouldn't have had place. Bonesaw was the first to 99 cultivation, he did his conducts lol.

Folks say I am a ironman because I collect tools, process those resources, then sell them on the GE. It makes sense to simply exp off what I farmed for exp originally and collected, as opposed to always selling everything about the ge simply to purchase things I want for training. That is opposed to utilizing set skills to collect the complete resource that is rewarding, selling it, then buying tools to train the processing skills with selling the goods, which I am informed is the way people perform. (I mainly only train herblore this way, by purchasing the less expensive resources since amassing them takes an extremely long time).I will have to disagree completely, I was stoked when I noticed that the cosmetic benefits are tradable because I frankly don't care about makeup, except the Slayer helm I'll use that you, having the ability to market them and use that gold to advance my account is awesome. I'm sure they'll be costly, and as time goes on and people exchange them less and less they will be even more expensive. Honestly if all I got was a cosmetic out of the league which wouldn't feel rewarding to me personally.

Btw infinite endurance is op without a staminas and elegant around, the other two perks will not observe any use. I believe as the accumulator is your OP one. 80% of runes and arrows is fucking ridiculous. If you got 99 range and mage I can't even imagine the amount of countless gp you would save. Endless run is all and nice, but I really don't think its almost as good. And the prayer benefits of the relics all are basically irrelevant if you know how. Plus almost all of your time is gonna be invested standing training combats, thieving, barb fishing, etc. etc.. Maybe I'm overlooking it.

Overlooking is the key to it. I thought that it's a continent to buy 2007 runescape gold and also a great deal of time will be spent standing. I thought about arrows but thinking about saving 80% of those runes, yeah that is very good. Dark altar is aimed to assist you get prayer high and early, abyssal ammo is begging na be strong for range/mage troughout and endless endurance will be good significance overall.
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